My intention in writing this blog is to help other people by sharing some of my own experiences and learning.

If you are experiencing work-related stress or anxiety and you believe everyone else around you is coping better than you, you may start to feel isolated. Hopefully this blog will show that you are not alone. As more people share their own experiences, I hope it will also make conversations about mental wellbeing more common-place and reduce some of the stigma around mental health that people still experience.

I have been interested in psychology for a long time, since starting my psychology degree studies. My own experiences of work-related stress have led me to find out more. Learning about psychological theories has helped me to make sense of my own feelings and emotions. I have also learnt practical techniques, which enable me to recognise and manage my stress and anxiety more effectively. I hope you may also find at least some of what I have learned useful.

Writing is helping me to clarify my thoughts and I wanted a space where I could be creative and maybe even write some poetry!

The name “life’s tapestry” seemed a fitting title for my blog. As I write, I expect to discover new insights and make new connections within and between different blog posts. These will start to weave together, revealing a form or structure, like a tapestry of different scenes.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I will really enjoy reading your blog….I agree that writing can really help us make sense of the world and its very therapeutic.


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